The Lost European



  • Directed by: József Sipos
  • Screenplay: József Sipos, Ferenc Székely
  • Director of photography: Francisco Gózon, Zsolt Tóth
  • Producer: Krisztina Détár
  • Production company: FilmNet Production
  • Release date: 5 February 2015
  • (2015, documentary, digital, black/white, 61 min.)


  • Kornél Simon • Wallenberg


  • 2015 – Ekaterinburg Documentary Film Festival: Special Prize


  • 2016 – Ischia Film Festival
  • 2016 – Jewish International Film Festival – Australia
  • 2016 – Łagów Film Festival

Even 70 years on, it is still vital that the memory of the Holocaust and Raoul Wallenberg be kept alive. This film sets out to draw a coherent picture of Raoul Wallenberg in the years preceding the war, before his acts of outstanding heroism. Soon to be orphaned, we meet the child of one of the wealthiest Swedish families that never saw success in the world of the bourgeoisie.
The film presents a coherent portrait of a young man who finds himself working with a Hungarian Jew, and his fate then goes on to become triumphantly and tragically entangled with the fate of the Eastern European Jewry.
We are introduced to a world between wars, the atrocious trauma of World War II, a terrible peace treaty, fascism and communism as we move between Hungary and Sweden in an attempt to retrace the extraordinary map that led to Raoul Wallenberg’s extraordinary self-sacrifice.