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  • Directed by: József Sipos
  • Screenplay: György Somogyi, József Sipos, Francisco Gózon
  • Director of photography: Francisco Gózon
  • Producer: József Sipos, Krisztina Détár
  • Co-producer: András Poós – TV2
  • Production company: PCN Film Produkció, TV2
  • Release date: 20 October 2011
  • (2011, feature, 35mm, colour, 85 min.)


  • Gerd Böckmann • Prof. Kádár
  • Erika Marozsán • Anna Kádár
  • Sándor Csányi • Zoltán
  • Károly Eperjes • Dr. Szekeres
  • Mari Töröcsik • Nono
  • Eszter Nagy-Kálózy • Countess Olga

Based on Sándor Márai’s play of the same title


  • 2011 – Chennai International Film Festival
  • 2011 – Montréal World Film Festival
  • 2012 – Bangalore International Film Festival
  • 2012 – Love is Folly International Film Festival
  • 2012 – Sarajevo Film Festival
  • 2014 – Zagreb Film Festival

Professor Péter Kádár is successful in all respect. His career is on the top and he has a beautiful young wife- Anna. His perfect life however falls to pieces on the same day when he is appointed to the leadership of the most reputed clinic.The professor even doesn’t suspect while being celebrated his up to that time faithful colleague, his adopted son Doctor Zoltán prepares to elope with Anna.The promising adventure takes an unexpected run: the professor makes a heavy bargain which modifies the life of all three for good and all.
Love and death, faithfulness and betrayal, success and come-down in the shadow of the worldwide catastrophe in the year 1940 in Budapest.