Notes from Underground


  • Directed by: József Sipos
  • Producer: József Sipos
  • Production company: PCN Film Produkció
  • Release date: 23 August 2011
  • (2011, TV Movie)


  • Ádám Lux • Zuvoljov
  • Nóra Trokán • Kátya
  • Iván Kamarás • Zverkov
  • Balázs Galkó • Apollon
  • Zoltán Seress • Szomonov
  • Ferenc Elek • Feficskin

TV movie based on Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel of the same title

Zuvoljov introduces himself as a man who lives underground and refers to himself as a spiteful person whose every act is dictated by his spitefulness. Then he suddenly admits that he is not really spiteful, because he finds it is impossible to be anything — he can’t be spiteful or heroic; he can only be nothing. This is because he is a man of acute consciousness and such a person is automatically rendered inactive because he considers too many consequences of any act before he performs the act and therefore never gets around to doing anything. In contrast, a person who is not very intelligent can constantly perform all sorts of actions because he never bothers to consider the consequences.